• Unless otherwise stated in the Product’s page, none of the Products purchased shall be returned back to us.Mainly because products shown on our website are either used, either according to their form, purpose of use or other circumstances, cannot be returned.
  • Please also note that in case the Buyer is not a consumer – natural person, the Buyer has no rights of returns and rights of returns are showed on the website only for natural persons – consumers.
  • In cases, where Products are shown on the website as subject for returns, the Buyer will then be refunded the total amount paid for the Product(s) which are being returned within 14 days of receipt of the returned Product(s).
  • Please note that prior the refund, PRAGMA may review the Product and its conditions, and refund the money to the Buyer only when the PRAGMA has concluded that the said Product complies with this agreement, but not earlier than in 7 business days. Any refund must be arranged directly with the PRAGMA prior to the return.
  • To cancel an Order, a Buyer is required to let the PRAGMA know that he/she wishes to cancel.
  • We may make a deduction from the reimbursement to a Buyer of the diminished value of the goods if the Product(s) are not returned in the same condition as shown and described in the photographs and description of the listings on the website and/or are not returned in their original packaging.


Returns (text under the Product listing)


Please note that this product is not subject to return.


Please note that this product is subject to return within 14 days.