PRAGMA - Enduring love.

“Pragma” originates from Greek term πρᾶγμα, meaning "businesslike," that is the origin of "pragmatic". PRAGMA is a type of love that has been tested by time, just like the value of the objects we select to bring to our customers and the Luxury brands they were created by.

PRAGMA, was founded as a buying and selling agent services, and now has evolved to a marketplace and auctions for pragmatic buyers in love with beauty and a keen eye for investment.

Every time making a purchase, we either invest our assets or waste them, for that reason, making smart purchases today will serve us in the future.

Our founder and CEO Eva experienced it first hand and that was a blessing in disguise!

Luckily for Eva, she had invested her funds in a variety of valuables and later successfully reselling them founded the PRAGMA that you can see today!

PRAGMA co-founder and CLO Rolands during his private law practice was often involved in legal projects related to the industry of valuables. And quite often businesses need creative legal solutions being generated from different interrelated components, thus creating a complete and valuable result – just like a work of art or in other words – art of law.

When invited to join Pragma as a co-founder, he felt as the stars have aligned in the sky - using knowledge of a creative professional in a creative business.

Today, Pragma's team is on a mission to connect thousands of buyers, sellers, collectors, and dealers with the best value deals on the market. Hand-picking each item with love, Eva is guiding an entire community to purchase wisely and Rolands is ensuring that our sellers and buyers are well informed on the legal aspect of sale and purchase of valuables and antiques.