Limited edition Salvador Dalí sculpture "Triumphant Elephant" 305 from an edition of 350


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Salvador Dalí bronze with a green patina sculpture "Triumphant Elephant" 305 from an edition of 350.

The elephant is Dalí’s symbol of the future and one of his favorite inspirations in artworks, it is often depicted with mosquito-like legs, showing the contrast between robustness and fragility, exactly like the contrast between the antique and contemporary. The elephant’s jeweled saddle symbolizes prosperity, and the dawn of a new era is announced by a flying angel, trumpeting success and wealth. Dalí’s elephant demonstrates every individual’s hope for abundance and good fortune in the future life.


Date of edition: Conceived in 1975 / First cast in 1984

Measurements: 55cm (21 5/8in) including base

Condition: Mint



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