FOR THE BUYER, we accept payment through all major credit and debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal and Stripe.


FOR THE BUYER, the charges for the Products are set out in the Confirmation Email and/or Order Acceptance in the website.


FOR THE BUYER, payment for the Products and all applicable shipping costs are in advance.


FOR THE BUYER, Due to the specific category and value of items sold at our marketplace, it involves significant amount of work and procedures to be followed to receive export permits, thus shipping costs and authentication costs* in case of return (if return is applicable) therefore are fully covered by the buyer. If the return is related to authenticity of items, the PRAGMA bears these costs after such conclusion of non-authentic Product has been made by the PRAGMA.


FOR THE SELLER, the PRAGMA adds additional price of 13% to the Products sold by natural persons and price of 18% to the Products sold by legal persons in the Product’s listings on the website, as the PRAGMA’S commission rate. These commissions include also administration charges by service providers.


FOR THE SELLER, any costs for the shipment of the Products to us and for the authentication process of those Products shall be paid by the SELLER priorly, however the PRAGMA shall repay shipping costs together with the final transferrable price to the SELLER in case of a successful authentication or if a Product, subject to return, has not been returned.


FOR THE SELLER, all items are sent to PRAGMA headquarters for after-sale authentication, when the item you have submitted for sale has been purchased and paid for by the buyer, we notify you of such fact. Along with refundable shipping costs to our headquarters, the seller will be issued authentication procedure invoice. The authentication procedure costs* are non-refundable.


*Authentication costs are as follows: Diamond authentication 30EUR, Jewelry 45EUR, Watches 45EUR, Handbags: Hermes 230EUR, other brands 45EUR.