A Bronze sculpture "Let's dance" (Uzdejosim) by Ieva Bondare


含稅。 運費在結帳時計算

A Bronze sculpture "Let's dance" (Uzdejosim) from the exhibition "A Person in my life".

 "The works in this exhibition showcase the diversity of people - beautiful, real, and sometimes raw. Each person may interpret the faces and people in my exhibition differently, and that is perfectly fine."

Ieva's purpose for this exhibition is not only to showcase her deep love for people, but also to promote the importance of loving and caring for both each other and the environment. The sculptures are a testament to the growing 'recycled art' movement, which involves creating art from seemingly useless objects.


Year: 2007

Measurements: 68x46x65

Medium: Bronze



Sculpture is available for pre-order in various sizes from 1m to 5m